fredag 1. mai 2009

Ipod Touch and Iphone Games – the Issue

Ipod Touch games and Iphone games have become extremely popular. And for good reasons. The games you can get on these two devices are extraordinary, compared to other Ipods, and media players, and other mobile phones.

The main reason for this is the technology. The advanced technology used in the Ipod Touch and Iphone, are simply in an other class than many other devices. At least entertainment-wise. This opens for more advanced game graphics, gameplay and so on. In other words: the advanced technology used in the Ipod Touch and Iphone allows “better” games.

The Ipod Touch is just so much more than a simple media player or an MP3. Simultaneously, the Iphone is so much more than just a mobile phone. Today the fact is that these devices are becoming so popular not because of the concept that they are great media players or mobile phones, but rather because of the games and applications available on them. Ipods and Iphones are on the verge on becoming simple gameboys or “toys”, instead of being the great media players they are supposed to be. The focus on applications and games for the Ipod Touch and Iphone is, in my opinion, to immense.

Just recently, as the number of applications on Appstore just passed a staggering 1 billion, this just proves my point.

Will we soon be seeing Apples' version of a PSP in the stores. On the other hand, I myself spend a lot of time using the games and applications on my Ipod Touch, and I like it. However, that was not what I bought it for, and it is effecting my use of the Ipod Touch as a great media player, which is what it really is.

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