søndag 31. mai 2009

Apple Monopoly?

Today, as the Ipod Touch and Iphone is gaining a solid posotion in the society, we are witnessing the spreading of something close to a hysteria. The Ipod Touch and Iphone is today becoming a device used for important tasks in the society. These cutting-edge devices are now being used in schools, production and businesses around the world. Is the Iphone and Itouch hysteria getting out of controll?

Just recently we could read in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) about a Japanese university that uses the Iphone to controll each student's absence in class. By giving out Iphones to the students, the university can use the GPS function on the Iphone to controll that each student is where he/she is suppose to be, and that way they can controll it if a student is missing in class. According to the university, the sudents' private life is safely protected, although they have detailed overview over each student's movements and whereabouts. They say that is supposedly easier for the school this way, as the students can simply register their absence through the Iphone.

At the same time, we can read on the Swedish website MacWorld, that the Swedish car make Volvo has given their workers new tools in order to improve their production - Ipod Touch and Iphones. They have developed a program to ease the work for their mechanics that uses the Ipod Touch's technology. The idea is that instead of computer screens and prints, everyone will have all the information on their personal Ipod Touch or Iphone. This way the production will go a lot smoother and easier for everyone, as noone has to run to and fro for lists.

There are of course also many other similar examples of the Ipod Touch and Iphone being used for important tasks around the world. But why is this? There are thousands of mobile phones with GPS's. And I guess many of these tasks could be done by many other devices than the Iphone or Itouch. So why choose something as expensive as the Iphone? I belive the answer is publicity. As we all know, the Ipod Touch and Iphone are quality, cutting edge devices. And as we also know they are extremely popular. So by incorporating the Iphone and Itouch, these businesses appear trendy, but at the same time professional to the employees, workers and students. Thereby increasing their popularity.

So are we wittnessing a hystria? To call it a hysteria is, in my opinion, to exaggerate. However we have to be careful not to let Apple get full monopoly in these areas.

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