søndag 31. mai 2009

Apple Monopoly?

Today, as the Ipod Touch and Iphone is gaining a solid posotion in the society, we are witnessing the spreading of something close to a hysteria. The Ipod Touch and Iphone is today becoming a device used for important tasks in the society. These cutting-edge devices are now being used in schools, production and businesses around the world. Is the Iphone and Itouch hysteria getting out of controll?

Just recently we could read in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) about a Japanese university that uses the Iphone to controll each student's absence in class. By giving out Iphones to the students, the university can use the GPS function on the Iphone to controll that each student is where he/she is suppose to be, and that way they can controll it if a student is missing in class. According to the university, the sudents' private life is safely protected, although they have detailed overview over each student's movements and whereabouts. They say that is supposedly easier for the school this way, as the students can simply register their absence through the Iphone.

At the same time, we can read on the Swedish website MacWorld, that the Swedish car make Volvo has given their workers new tools in order to improve their production - Ipod Touch and Iphones. They have developed a program to ease the work for their mechanics that uses the Ipod Touch's technology. The idea is that instead of computer screens and prints, everyone will have all the information on their personal Ipod Touch or Iphone. This way the production will go a lot smoother and easier for everyone, as noone has to run to and fro for lists.

There are of course also many other similar examples of the Ipod Touch and Iphone being used for important tasks around the world. But why is this? There are thousands of mobile phones with GPS's. And I guess many of these tasks could be done by many other devices than the Iphone or Itouch. So why choose something as expensive as the Iphone? I belive the answer is publicity. As we all know, the Ipod Touch and Iphone are quality, cutting edge devices. And as we also know they are extremely popular. So by incorporating the Iphone and Itouch, these businesses appear trendy, but at the same time professional to the employees, workers and students. Thereby increasing their popularity.

So are we wittnessing a hystria? To call it a hysteria is, in my opinion, to exaggerate. However we have to be careful not to let Apple get full monopoly in these areas.

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torsdag 14. mai 2009

List of Cydia Sources for Ipod Touch and Iphone

Here is a list of the best Cydia sources for the Ipod Touch and Iphone. I partly got it from Iphone3G-Mods and HackTheIpodTouch. There are of course thousands more sources, but many are not really any good, and just make Cydia perform slower. So here are the best sources:

Name:BigBoss & Planet-iPhonesVerified
URLHTTP://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Themes / Tweaks / Hacks / Apps / wallpapers

Name:#4pp13 TeamVerified
URLHTTP://apt.123Locker.comFeb 13 - 2009
Description: NES/GBA Rom Packs

Name:Darvens RepositoryVerified
URLhttp://apt.guardiansofchaos.comFeb 13 - 2009
Description: Themes / Tweaks / Hacks / Apps / wallpapers

URLhttp://apt.modmyi.comFeb 13 - 2009
Description: Themes / Wallpapers / Apps / Ringtones

URLhttp://ispaziorepo.com/cydia/apt/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Backgrounds / Apps / Games / Themes

URLhttp://xsellize.com/cydia/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Backgrounds / Apps / Games / Themes

URLhttp://zodttd.com/repo/cydia/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Emulators / Quake4iPhone / Doom & VLC4Iphone

Name:iModZone Cydia Repo®Verified
URLhttp://c.imodzone.net/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: RockBand / Hacks

URLhttp://cydia.hackulo.us/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: hacks :)
URLhttp://cydia.iclarified.com/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Volume Boost / iLog / AutoCorrection ONOFF

URLhttp://nickplee.com/cydiasource/Feb 13 - 2009
Description: Chord Directory Nick's APP Experiments

Hack&Dev.org: http://iphone.hackndev.org/apt/
Urban Fanatics: http://urbanfanatics.com/cydia/

Please leave a comment if you know more quality sources!
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onsdag 13. mai 2009

How to Install Themes on Ipod Touch

VistaMobile theme
  • First, to install themes on your Ipod Touch you must have jailbroken it.
  • Then, download and install the Winterboard app, on Cydia. Then reebot your Ipod Touch.
  • Winterboard comes with some pre-installed themes. To try them, select the theme, and exit winterbord (press the home button).

Where to find and download themes for Ipod Touch

This depends on what you want. You can search in Cydia based on your requirement, you can find themes based on Windows, Mac, Tv shows, whatever for your iPod Touch.
For more Go to Cydia -> Sections here scroll down to Themes. You can find themes in various categories: App themes, Battery themes, Complete themes, Keyboard themes, Lockscreen themes, Springboard themes, System themes etc. After downloading themes they will appear in the WinterBoard from where you can apply themes. You just have to find the ones you like.

To find more themes, you can also add more sources to Cydia. (A list of sources is soon to come)

Do you know any good themes? Leave a comment!
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mandag 11. mai 2009

Wierd Ipod Touch accessory - Useful?

Some weird Ipod accessory i stumbled over

xs_Solar-Powered iPod Charger

This solar-powered iPod charger is portable and perfect for those times when you need to charge your iPod but are not near a power source. It works with the iPod mini, 4th Gen iPod, iPod Photo, U2 iPod, 5th Gen iPod Video, iPod nano (all generations), iPod touch, iPod classic and the 1st Gen iPhone.
This solar power charger is not appropriate for the 1st/2nd Generation (the earliest models produced in 2001-2002), the 3rd Generation iPod or the iPhone 3G models.

Simply open the case and allow the two halves to soak up the rays. After a few hours, a powerful 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery inside the charger will be fully juiced up. Connect the solar-powered charger to your iPod and you are ready to roll!

Perfect for the outdoors. Includes LED power indicator.

[more info..]

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lørdag 9. mai 2009

How to Install Emulator on the Ipod Touch

Emulators are great for gaming on the Ipod Touch. The games are often not of the same quality as many others, but it is nevertheless great fun. In order to install emulators you must first jailbreak your Ipod.

Gameboy emulator:
First to get the emulator open Cydia and search for gameboy4iphone, and install it.
Then to get the roms add iromrepo.com/Cydia/gameboy/ to your sources. Remember the kapital C and / at the end.
When that is done you should find a section called iROM GAMEBOY in Cydia. Then just install the gameboy games you want, and you should find them in the emulator.

SNES emulator:

The procedure is exactly the same as the previous one.
Only first you want to install snes4iphone.
The source is iromrepo.com/Cydia/snes/

GBA emulator:
Again the same procedure.
The emulator you want to install is gpSphone.
The source is iromrepo.com/Cydia/gba/

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fredag 1. mai 2009

Ipod Touch and Iphone Games – the Issue

Ipod Touch games and Iphone games have become extremely popular. And for good reasons. The games you can get on these two devices are extraordinary, compared to other Ipods, and media players, and other mobile phones.

The main reason for this is the technology. The advanced technology used in the Ipod Touch and Iphone, are simply in an other class than many other devices. At least entertainment-wise. This opens for more advanced game graphics, gameplay and so on. In other words: the advanced technology used in the Ipod Touch and Iphone allows “better” games.

The Ipod Touch is just so much more than a simple media player or an MP3. Simultaneously, the Iphone is so much more than just a mobile phone. Today the fact is that these devices are becoming so popular not because of the concept that they are great media players or mobile phones, but rather because of the games and applications available on them. Ipods and Iphones are on the verge on becoming simple gameboys or “toys”, instead of being the great media players they are supposed to be. The focus on applications and games for the Ipod Touch and Iphone is, in my opinion, to immense.

Just recently, as the number of applications on Appstore just passed a staggering 1 billion, this just proves my point.

Will we soon be seeing Apples' version of a PSP in the stores. On the other hand, I myself spend a lot of time using the games and applications on my Ipod Touch, and I like it. However, that was not what I bought it for, and it is effecting my use of the Ipod Touch as a great media player, which is what it really is.

What is your opinion? Leave a comment!

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