onsdag 29. april 2009

Ipod Touch game: X-plane 9 Extreme Review

Right now my favourite Ipod Touch game is X-Plane 9 Extreme, by Laminar Research. This game is so realistic, it blows your mind. It is not an easy game, although it is probably more a simulator, yet it is the easiest of all the X-Plane games. I like this X-Plane game better than the other games (Helicopter, Airliner etc.) because of the planes in this game. The game contains four of the most advanced and unusual planes ever made:
  • F-22 Raptor - powerfull and etremely maneuverable.
  • SR-71 Blackbird - the worlds fastest airplane
  • B-1 'Bone' Bomber - a heavy plane that still has high speeds.
  • B-2 'Jet' Bomber - the popular stealth shaped bomber.
These planes are easy to manoeuvre, and they fly fast (+ they look cool). Put the thrust to the max, til your Ipod backwards, and you're off. The downside of the game/simulator, is the simulator part. It becomes very monotonous, as you really just do the same things over and over again. But non the less, this Ipod touch game and iphone game is extremely entertaining.

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My favourite Ipod Touch game (for the time being)

My favourite Ipod Touch game is, right now, X-plane 9 Extreme, by Laminar Research. Click here read my review of the game.

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tirsdag 28. april 2009

Jailbreake Ipod Touch, or not?

What does it mean to jailbreake your Ipod touch? What is jailbreaking, and what's so good about it? I know there are 100000's of tutorial videos and explanations out there, but many of them are not very good. So here it is.

For all of you ipod plogs out there that don't know, here it is very simply explained: When you jailbreake you'r ipod (or iphone), you "hack" into the ipod and install 3rd party applications.

Games, programs, emulators and so on. Jailbreaking you'r ipod touch or iphone allows you to get hold of games and programs for your ipod that are not on appstore, and furtheron (if you want to), you can get hold of games and programs from appstore that cost money, without paying. All this for the cost of your Ipod's, or iphone's, warranty (more or less). When you jailbreak your ipod, or Iphone, it does void the warranty. Many people will say, "oh that's no problem. Just restore the ipod and Apple will never know!" Wrong. The tracks from the jailbreaking will still be in the ipod's internal memory after you have restored it, so apple will know, and you loose your ipod's or iphone's guarantee.

So, is it worth jailbreaking you'r Ipod Touch? My opinion is that it is definately worth it. Your ipod touch suddenly becomes so much more fun to use. It also becomes significantly more usefull. After I jailbreaked (or is it jailbroke :S) my ipod touch, I spendt 100% more time on it, and it was 100% more fun to use. It opens for new possibilities, that you don't have generally. You can for example make you'r ipod touch's screen design cooler, smoother or whatever you like, by using Springboard. And so on.

The most used program when it comes to jailbreaking ipod, is QuickPwn. It's easy to use, although I failed the first time i tried to jailbreak my Ipod Touch at the point where you have to hold the different buttons. But that doesn't matter. After download and installation, just follow the instructions on the screen, and if you fail, try again. I'm sure there are 100's of other programs out there that do just the same thing as well. A jailbreake-guide for ipod is now soon to be published as well.

So, although you loose your ipods warranty, I'd just say you go home and jailbreake that Ipod touch...

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mandag 27. april 2009

PodSod for Ipod

Welkome to PodSod. Guides for ipod touch, jailbreaking, games, applications, video converters, different ipod tests and more! Everything that satifies your Ipod Touch's needs. If you have any questions or requests, just mail me on joaust92@gmail.com
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