lørdag 19. september 2009

Ipod Touch should have had camera

When Apple launched the new Ipod Touch last week, many expected the maedia player to come with a built-inn camera. However, this was not the case.

Now, on the other hand, evidence shows that Apple actually planned to equip the Ipod Touch with a camera. No one knows why it in the end was taken out, as many pictures showing an iTouch with a camera appeared on the internett during the summer.

Today it turns uot these pictures were not fake, as enthusiasts have examined the insides of the iTouch and compared it with the pictures, alot indicates that there should have been a camera there.

Apple also launched a new Ipod Nano, with camera writes Lausitzer Rundschau. Read a full review of the 5G Ipod Nano on DinSide.

It is uncertain why Apple left out the camera Ipod Touch. However, ITavisen writes that it is lightly that we'll se an Ipod Touch with a camera in the future.
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New template!

I've now, as you may see, changed template for my blog. I'm quite pleased. I've eaven made a new header.

What do you think of the new template? Leave a comment!
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søndag 13. september 2009

Balmer trying to crush an Iphone!

Balmer, who is known for his intensive and energetic style, has just surpassed himself...

During Microsoft's closed event, presenting Windows 7, Bing etc, Balmer managed to somehow produce free publicity for his rival Apple.

One from the Microsoft staff was about to take a picture of his boss with an Iphone. This was apparently not a good idea. The picture above shows Balmer as he tries to take Apple's phone away from his collegue.

The stunt found place as Balmer was doing what he is known to do to encourage the audience.
Like this:

The audience apparently did not like what they saw, as the act was met with booing, writes ITavisen.
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